Job Market Candidates

  • Jessica Boyle Drescher

    Jessica Drescher

    Faculty advisors: sean reardon, Ben Domingue, Keith Humphreys
    Research interests: Inequality, Education, Social Policy, Opportunity, Higher Education, Early Childhood, Child Wellbeing
    PDF icon Drescher CV
  • Josh Gagne

    Josh Leung-Gagne

    Faculty advisors: sean reardon, David Grusky
    Research interests: Social Demography, Social Stratification, Quantitative Methods, Sociology of Education, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Race, Criminology, Public Policy
    PDF icon Leung-Gagne CV
  • Taylor LiCausi

    Taylor LiCausi

    Faculty advisors: Daniel McFarland and Patricia Gumport
    Research interests: sociology of higher education; sociology of knowledge; sociolinguistics
  • Amanda Lu

    Amanda Lu

    Faculty advisors: Mitchell Stevens and Eric Bettinger
    Research interests: Charter Schools and School Choice, Sociology of Education, Urban Education Politics, Mixed Methods, Ethnography and Qualitative Methods
    PDF icon Amand Lu CV
  • Kaylee Matheny

    Kaylee Matheny

    Faculty advisors: sean reardon, Mitchell Stevens
    Research interests: Socioeconomic Inequality, Stratification, Sociology of Education, Education & Social Policy, Mixed Methods, Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Methods
    PDF icon Matheny CV
  • Carrie Townley Flores

    Carrie Townley-Flores

    Faculty advisors: sean reardon & Jelena Obradović
    Research interests: Education Policy, Early Childhood Education, Child Development, Childhood Health and Welfare, Racial and Economic Inequality, Quantitative Methods, Research-Practice Partnerships
    PDF icon Townley-Flores CV