Job Market Candidates

  • Sade Bonilla

    Sade Bonilla

    Faculty advisors: Thomas S. Dee (primary), Susanna Loeb, Celeste K. Carruthers (University of Tennessee, Department of Economics)
    Research interests: Education Policy, K-12 Education, Career and Technical Education, High School to College Transition, Causal Methods in Quantitative Research
    Bonilla CV

  • Tamara Gilkes

    Tamara Gilkes

    Dissertation Committee: Anthony Antonio, Eric Bettinger, Daniel McFarland, Prudence Carter (UC Berkeley)
    Research interests: Sociology of Education, Higher Education, Education Policy
    Gilkes CV

  • Ilana Horwitz

    Ilana Horwitz

    Faculty advisors: Ari Y. Kelman, Eric Bettinger, Aliya Saperstein, Mitchell Stevens
    Research interests: Sociology of Education, Religion, Families, Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Methods
    Horwitz CV

  • Angela Sun

    Angela Johnson

    Faculty advisors: Eric Bettinger, Thomas Dee, Claude Goldenberg, Susanna Loeb
    Research interests: Education Policy, English Learners, High School to College Transition, Quantitative Methods
    Johnson CV

  • Ying Shi

    Ying Shi

    Faculty advisors: Tom Dee, Sunny Ladd (Duke University), Susanna Loeb (Brown University), Seth Sanders (Duke University)
    Research interests: Economics of Education; Educational Inequality; Politics, Governance, and Education; Quantitative Methods
    Shi CV