AERA 2018 Annual Meeting

The Dreams, Possibilities, and Necessity of Public Education
Friday, April 13, 2018 - 12:00am to Tuesday, April 17, 2018 - 12:00am


New York City, NY

Come and see us at The AERA 2018 Annual Meeting on April 13-17, 2018 in New York City, NY

Friday, April 13

Teachers' Perceptions of Students' Executive Functions: Disparities by Gender, Ethnicity, and English Language Learner Status. Elisa Garcia, SRI International, Michael J. Sulik, Stanford University, Jelena Obradovic, Stanford University

Classroom Composition of Executive Functions in Elementary School. Jenna Finch, Stanford University, Elisa Garcia, SRI International, Michael J. Sulik, Stanford University, Jelena Obradovic, Stanford University

Measuring School Effects on Social-Emotional Learning: Evidence From the First Large-Scale Panel Survey of Students. Susanna Loeb, Stanford University, Heather J. Hough, Stanford University, Robert H. Meyer, Education Analytics, Andrew Rice, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Martin West, Harvard University, Michael Christian, Education Analytics

Saturday, April 14

Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in School District Funding. Ericka Weathers, Stanford University, Victoria Sosina, Stanford University

Sunday, April 15

Opt-Out and Socioeconomic Status Across U.S. School Districts. Chair: sean reardon, Stanford University. Erin Fahle, Stanford University, sean reardon, Stanford University, Demetra Kalogrides, Stanford University, Sam Trejo, Stanford University

Achievement Gaps Between Poor and Non-Poor Students in U.S. School Districts. sean reardon, Stanford University, Erin Fahle, Stanford University, Heewon Jang, Stanford University, Elise Dizon-Ross, Stanford University

Why Do Religious Students Get Better Grades? Ilana Horwitz, Stanford University

Monday, April 16

Clarifying the Meaning of Social Class Effects on Academic Achievement in Schools and Classrooms. Martin Carnoy, Stanford University

Public Policy Impact of Education Research: A 54 Year Career Perspective. Michael Kirst, Stanford University

Abiders or Avoiders: Is Religiosity Associated With Better Grades? Ilana Horwitz, Stanford University

Looking Into Classrooms: Using Text-as-Data Methods to Understand Beneficial Teacher Practices at Scale. Jing Liu, Stanford University

Importance of Socio-Emotional Learning for Academic Achievement of Homeless and Highly Mobile Students. Sarah Bardack, Stanford University, Hadar Baharav, Stanford University, Jacob Leos-Urbel, Stanford University, Jelena Obradovic, Stanford University

Tuesday, April 17

Principal Strategies to Improve Teacher Effectiveness. Julie Jackson Cohen, University of Virginia, Susanna Loeb, Stanford University, Luke Miller, University of Virginia, Anisah Waite, University of Virginia, James H. Wyckoff, University of Virginia

A Bifurcation in the Labor Force? Public and Charter School Teachers. Lief Esbenshade, Stanford University