Erin Fahle

Current Position: 

Research Scientist, NWEA

Erin Fahle investigates how social and school context affects gender, racial/ethnic, and socioeconomic inequalities in student’s access to educational opportunities and subsequent achievement. Dr. Fahle’s goal is to help states, districts, and schools identify areas for policy and practice interventions that can improve the educational circumstances of children across the U.S. She believes deeply that this work must be done in partnership with school leaders and is committed to designing research that reflects their perspectives. Her work has been published in Educational Researcher and the American Educational Research Journal and featured in media outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and NPR.

Dr. Fahle also serves as the co-director of the Educational Opportunity Project. This initiative, led by Stanford University, aims to make high-quality data and research on U.S. educational opportunity widely accessible to policymakers, practitioners, and parents. Prior to joining NWEA, Dr. Fahle was an assistant professor at St. John’s University. She holds a PhD in education policy from Stanford University and an MS in applied mathematics and statistics from Georgetown University.