AEFP 45th Virtual Annual Conference

Toward a Meaningful Impact through Research, Policy & Practice
Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 12:00am to Saturday, March 21, 2020 - 12:00am


Virtual Conference (All times are Central)

Join us virtually at The AEFP 45th Annual Conference on March 19-21, 2020.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Emily Penner, UC Irvine. My Brother's Keeper? The Educational Impact of Targeted Supports. Thomas Dee, Stanford University

Mark Murphy, Stanford University. Dually Identified: The Implications of English Learner Classification on Subsequent Special Education Classification. Angela Johnson, NWEA

Eric A. Hanushek, Stanford University. Closing the SES Achievement Gap: Trends in U.S. Student Performance. Paul E. Peterson, Harvard University, M. Danish Shakeel, Harvard University, Laura M. Talpey, Stanford University, Ludger Woessmann, University of Munich

Tara Kilbride, Michigan State University. Comparing Test Score Growth Measures Constructed from Aggregate and Individual Data. Sean F. Reardon, Stanford University, John Papay, Brown University, Katharine Strunk, EPIC/Michigan State University, Lily An, Brown University, Kate Donohue, Brown University

Amanda Lu, Stanford University. Everyone's Own Good Reason: Evaluating the Implementation of a Federal Experiment for Pell Grants to Fund Dual Enrollment. Kaylee Matheny, Stanford University, Eric Bettinger, Stanford University

3.12 - A Controversial Test Item in Massachusetts: Policy and Research Responses
Discussants: Thomas Dee, Stanford University

Kaylee Matheny, Stanford University. A Seat at the Table: How Tennessee Attained Rapid Achievement Gains While Advancing Equity Across Student Groups

Lily Fesler, Stanford University. Local Promise Programs: Varying Short- and Long-Term Effects. Matea Pender, College Board

Friday, March 20, 2020

Samantha Viano, George Mason University. The Contribution of Schools to Student Suspension: A Value Added Approach. Benjamin W. Fisher, University of Louisville, Francis A. Pearman, Stanford University, F. Chris Curran, University of Florida, Joseph H. Gardella, Drexel University

Monica Lee, Stanford University. Teacher-Student Race Match and Student Attendance in Secondary Schools. Jing Liu, Brown University

Oded Gurantz, University of Missouri. Virtual Advising for High-Achieving High School Students. Matea Pender, College Board, Zach Mabel, College Board, Cassandra Larson, College Board, Eric Bettinger, Stanford University

Jessica C. Boyle, Stanford University. The Geography of Rural Educational Opportunity. Anne Podolsky, Stanford University, Sean F. Reardon, Stanford University, Gabrielle Torrance, Stanford University

Thomas Dee, Stanford University. Philanthropy and Public-Sector Leadership: The Case of Broad Superintendents. Susanna Loeb, Brown University, Ying Shi, Syracuse University

Victoria Sosina, Stanford University. Competition, Structural Inequality, and the Private Funding of Public Schools.

Mark Murphy, Stanford University. Attracting and Retaining Latinx Scholars: The Effects of Receiving a Hispanic Serving Institution Grant. William C. Boland, CUNY-Baruch College

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Elise Dizon-Ross, Stanford University. Affordable Housing Development and School Diversity: Evidence from the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

11.09 - Friends Unlike Me: Peer Groups in Postsecondary Education
Chair: Thomas Dee, Stanford University