Kaylee Matheny

Kaylee Matheny

Kaylee (kmatheny@stanford.edu) is a doctoral candidate in Education Policy and Sociology of Education and is a recipient of the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) predoctoral training fellowship and Karr fellowship. She uses mixed methods to study the relationship between socioeconomic status and educational experiences and outcomes. Her current projects include a descriptive project using hierarchical linear modeling to investigate trends in achievement and achievement disparities across the US, a mixed methods project using a quasi-experimental difference-in-differences design to analyze the effects of using the Pell grant to support dual enrollment participation as well as qualitative interviews and site-visits to investigate policy implementation, and a qualitative project using longitudinal, in-depth interviews to investigate parents' conceptualizations of their children's postsecondary pathways. Prior to coming to Stanford, Kaylee taught World Literature and was the 10th Grade Content Lead at her alma mater, Griffin High School. Kaylee earned a BA in sociology and creative writing from Emory University.

Faculty advisors: 

sean reardon, Mitchell Stevens

Dissertation title: 
Socioeconomic Inequality in Education Across the Life Course
Research interests: 
Socioeconomic Inequality, Stratification, Sociology of Education, Education & Social Policy, Mixed Methods, Quantitative Methods, Qualitative Methods

Ph.D., Sociology of Education, Education Policy, Stanford University - 2023 (Expected)
M.A., Sociology, Stanford University - 2020
B.A., Sociology, English-Creative Writing, Emory University - 2015