AEFP 43rd Annual Conference

Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 12:00am to Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 12:00am


Portland, Oregon

Come and see us at The AEFP 43rd Annual Conference on March 15-17, 2018 in Portland, Oregon

Thursday, March 15, 2018

ZACHARY MABEL, Harvard University. Experimental Evidence on Strategies to Increase College Completion for Students at Risk of Late Departure, BENJAMIN CASTLEMAN, University of Virginia, ERIC BETTINGER, Stanford University.

SCOTT LATHAM, Stanford University. The Effects of Accountability Incentives in Early Childhood Education: Evidence from Tennessee, DAPHNA BASSOK, University of Virginia, THOMAS DEE, Stanford University, MARK MURPHY, Stanford University

JUSTIN BRIAN DOROMAL, University of Virginia. System-wide Quality Improvements in Early Childhood Education: The role of within-program improvements and program closures, DAPHNA BASSOK, University of Virginia, THOMAS DEE, Stanford University, SCOTT LATHAM, Stanford University

YING SHI, Stanford University. Teachers' Unions, School Board Politics, and District Performance, JOHN D. SINGLETON, University of Rochester

EMILY K. PENNER, University of California. Equity-oriented Applicants: What do prospective teachers say about the achievement gap and does it make them more attractive candidates?, JANE ROCHMES, Christopher Newport University, SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University

PRASHANT LOYALKA, Stanford University. Skill Levels and Gains in Undergraduate STEM Programs across the US, China, India, and Russia

ERICKA SHERRELL WEATHERS, Stanford University. Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities in Special Education Testing Accommodations, TAMARA GILKES, Stanford University

"Educational goods": New language for education policy makers
Discussants: SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University, MICHAEL DANNENBERG, Education Reform Now, WILLIAM MATTHIS, NEPC and Vermont State Board of Education

LILY FESLER, Stanford University. Language and Gender Equity in Online Classrooms, THOMAS DEE, Stanford University, RACHEL BAKER, University of California, BRENT EVANS, Vanderbilt University

LEONARDO ROSA, Stanford University. Teacher Preferences in Developing Countries: Evidence from the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil

GRACIELA I. PEREZ, Stanford University. Improving Higher Education Access and Retention for High-achieving, Low-income Students: Regression discontinuity evidence from Chile, THOMAS DEE, Stanford University

JUNE PARK JOHN, Stanford University. The Effect of Requiring Computer Science to Count as a Math Graduation Requirement

Friday, March 16, 2018

SUSANA CLARO, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. The Effect of Self-management on Achievement: Evidence from California CORE school districts, SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University

ELISE DIZON-ROSS, Stanford University. Understanding Teachers’ Economic Anxiety in a High Cost Urban District , SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University, EMILY PENNER, University of California, JANE ROCHMES, Christopher Newport University

TIANSHU GUO, Columbia University. Are Regional Quotas Fair? Simulating merit-based college admissions using unique student-level data from China, PRASHANT LOYALKA, Stanford University, XIAOYANG YE, University of Michigan

MONICA LEE, Stanford University. The Impact of Changes in FAFSA Filing Deadlines: An early look, ERIC BETTINGER, Stanford University, ODED GURANTZ, Stanford University

VERONICA KATZ, University of Virginia. Using Financial Incentives to Attract and Retain High-performing Teachers in Low-performing and Low-income Schools: Evidence from D.C. public schools using a 7-year panel, EMILY WISEMAN, University of Virginia, JAMES WYCKOFF, University of Virginia, THOMAS DEE, Stanford University

ANGELA JOHNSON, Stanford University. Access to Academic Content: Heterogeneity within the high school English learner population

ZACH LECLAIR, University of Washington. Public Policy, Organizational Reform Strategies, and Performance: A textual analysis of strategic actions that move the needle in underperforming schools. MIN SUN, University of Washington, JING LIU, Stanford University, JUNMENG ZHU, University of Washington

MARCOS A. RANGEL, Duke University. Initial Classroom Conditions and the Formation of Teacher Biases, YING SHI, Stanford University

MARK MURPHY, Stanford University. The Effects of Immigration Enforcement on Students and Schools: Evidence from school enrollment data, THOMAS DEE, Stanford University

MARTIN CARNOY, Stanford University. The Impact of Increased Instructional Time on Student Outcomes: Evidence from Brazil, LEONARDO ROSA, Stanford University, ERIC BETTINGER, Stanford University, PEDRO DANTAS, Stanford University

HANS FRICKE, Stanford University. Actionable Advice to Foster Parental Engagement: Evidence from an early-childhood text messaging experiment, KALENA E. CORTES, Texas A&M University, SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University, DAVID SONG, Stanford University

Saturday, March 17, 2018

ERIC HANUSHEK, Stanford University. Economic Gains from Educational Reform by US States, JENS RUHOSE, ifo Institute at the University of Munich and IZA, LUDGER WOESSMANN, ifo Institute at the University of Munich and IZA

SARAH BARDACK, Stanford University. Using a Direct Assessment of Socio-emotional Skills to Test the External Validity of the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP), HEEWON JANG, Stanford University, SHERRI WIDEN, Stanford University, SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University

JULIE COHEN, University of Virginia. Principal Strategies to Improve Teacher Effectiveness , SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University, LUKE MILLER, University of Virginia, ANISAH WAITE, University of Virginia, JAMES WYCKOFF, University of Virginia

ODED GURANTZ, Stanford University. Sibling Effects on High School Exam Taking and Performance, MICHAEL HURWITZ, College Board, JONATHAN SMITH, Georgia State University

STEVEN RIVKIN, University of Illinois at Chicago. An Investigation of the Effects of School Principals on the Quality of Instruction. GREGORY F. BRANCH, University of Texas at Dallas, ERIC HANUSHEK, Stanford University, JEFFREY SCHIMAN, Georgia Southern University