Ying Shi

Ying Shi

Ying Shi is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Education Policy Analysis at Stanford University. Her research in the economics of education and labor economics investigates the causes and consequences of human capital disparities, and evaluates policies’ effectiveness in bridging existing gaps. A recent strand of work at the intersection of education, politics, and governance examines the effect that school boards and district leadership have on educational outcomes.

Recent publications: 

Rangel, M. and Shi, Y. “Early Patterns of Skill Acquisition and Immigrants’ Specialization in STEM Careers” [R & R at Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences]

Shi, Y. (2018) “The Puzzle of Missing Female Engineers: Academic Preparation, Ability Beliefs, and Preferences” Economics of Education Review 64: 129-143.

Shi, Y. and Moody, J. (2017) “Most Likely to Succeed: Long-Run Returns to Adolescent Popularity” Social Currents 4(1): 13-33.

Shi, Y. (2016) “Cross-cutting Messages and Voter Turnout: Evidence from a Same-Sex Marriage Amendment” Political Communication 33(3): 433-459.

Faculty advisors: 

Tom Dee, Sunny Ladd (Duke University), Susanna Loeb (Brown University), Seth Sanders (Duke University)

Research interests: 
Economics of Education; Educational Inequality; Politics, Governance, and Education; Quantitative Methods

Ph.D. in Public Policy (Economics Concentration), Duke University, May 2017
M.Sc., Economics and Philosophy (with Distinction), 2011
B.A., Mathematical Economic Analysis and Visual Arts, Rice University, 2007

Contact info: 

Stanford Center for Education Policy Analysis
520 Galvez Mall
Stanford, CA 94305