Stanford/SFUSD Partnership Overview

Stanford SFUSDThe Stanford University and San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) Partnership facilitates the sharing of research and practice to advance student achievement at SFUSD and beyond. The partnership allows Stanford researchers to learn from the educational practices taking place at SFUSD while giving SFUSD access to the research capacity at Stanford. The partnership matches researchers from Stanford University with SFUSD district leaders to solve key problems of practice.

As part of the partnership, Stanford/CEPA maintains a data warehouse to facilitate data driven research projects that utilize SFUSD administrative data. The CEPA data warehouse manager works with SFUSD Research, Planning, and Assessment (RPA), Human Resources (HR), and other district offices to securely receive and transfer data from SFUSD and provide that data to approved research projects.

More information about the Stanford-SFUSD Partnership can be found at the main partnership website and on the Graduate School of Education website.