Data Request

CEPA only fulfills data requests from Stanford researchers with an approved data use agreement (DUA) with San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and approval from Stanford’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for performing human subject research. Below is the process for obtaining data from the CEPA SFUSD Data Warehouse:

Pre-Approval: The pre-aproval process happens before the CEPA Warehouse is involved.

  1. The Stanford research team must obtain approval from Stanford IRB and SFUSD for their research proposal.
  2. The Stanford research team and SFUSD will work together to identify the specific variables that the research team needs to include in the DUA.

Formal Data Request:

  1. The Stanford researchers and/or SFUSD research staff will email the CEPA Data Manager to notify them of the approved data request.
  2. The researcher will submit the data request form with an uploaded DUA, IRB approval letter, and signed access agreements for each member of the research team who will have access to the requested SFUSD data.
  3. The warehouse will authenticate the data request with SFUSD and provide the researcher with any additional guidance as required.

Review Process:

  1. The warehouse will review the submitted DUA and make sure that it has the necessary data to fulfill the data request for the project.
  2. If the warehouse is missing data elements from the DUA, it will request the missing data from SFUSD. SFUSD may supply the data depending on data availability.
  3. If needed, the warehouse will also clarify with SFUSD which data elements and the sample that the research project is approved to receive.
  4. If there are data elements that need to be supplied directly to researchers from SFUSD or other sources, the warehouse will refer the researcher to SFUSD.

Receive Data:

  1. The warehouse will fulfill the data request by extracting the appropriate sample of the approved data elements within one month for data that is available in the warehouse. Typically these data requests can be fulfilled before a month.
  2. For data that is not available in the warehouse, the warehouse will fulfill the data request within a month of receiving the missing data from SFUSD.
  3. The warehouse will set up a restricted access folder on the CEPA secure FTP server to transfer the data to the research team and place the data in the folder.
  4. The Stanford researcher will remove the data from the CEPA secure FTP within two weeks of the transfer.

Any questions can be directed to the CEPA Data Manager.