San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD)

SFUSD 2013 Survey Brief
Since the 2009-10 school-year, Center for Education Policy Analysis (CEPA) at Stanford University administered Teacher, Assistant Principal and Principal surveys as part of SFUSD’s evaluation of the Quality Teacher and Education Act (passed as Proposition A 2008). The findings from these surveys have informed District policy decisions on multiple levels. This brief gives SFUSD teachers, APs and Principals some exemplars of the findings from the 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 surveys. Here, we highlight three key findings from the surveys that influenced District decisions. To read about other findings from the survey you can go to the Year 1 and Year 2 evaluation reports of the Quality Teacher and Education Act. Also, CEPA published SFUSD survey reports highlighting a number of the statistics stemming from the survey.


Primary Data Collection

The SLR study has engaged in research activities in SFUSD since 2008. Since that time, surveys have been administered to principals, assistant principals, and teachers on three separate years. In addition, school leader observations have taken place twice, and interviews have been conducted during two separate school years.
Year District What Instrument
2012-2013 SFUSD Surveys: Principals
2012-2013 SFUSD Survey: Teachers
2011-2012 SFUSD Interviews: School Leaders
2011-2012 SFUSD Observations: School Leaders
2011-2012 SFUSD Survey: Assistant Principals
2011-2012 SFUSD Survey: Principals
2011-2012 SFUSD Survey: Teachers
2010-2011 SFUSD Survey: Assistant Principals
2010-2011 SFUSD Survey: Principals
2010-2011 SFUSD Survey: Teachers
2009-2010 SFUSD Survey: Assistant Principals
2009-2010 SFUSD Survey: Principals
2009-2010 SFUSD Survey: Teachers
2009-2010 SFUSD Interviews: QTEA District Staff
2009-2010 SFUSD Interviews: QTEA Principals
2009-2010 SFUSD Interviews: QTEA Master Teachers
2009-2010 SFUSD Interviews: QTEA Teachers Fall
2009-2010 SFUSD Interviews: QTEA Teachers Spring
2009-2010 SFUSD Interviews: QTEA PAR Coaches
2008-2009 SFUSD Interviews: Principals
2008-2009 SFUSD Interviews: Prop A Passage
2008-2009 SFUSD Observations: Principals