Our doctoral education policy training program has been recognized repeatedly as the top program in the country. Our graduates consistently secure influential education policy positions.

IES Interdisciplinary Doctoral Training Program in Quantitative Education Policy Analysis

We house Stanford’s interdisciplinary training program for PhD students interested in quantitative education policy analysis. The program is designed to provide doctoral students in social science disciplines and in the Graduate School of Education with advanced training in state-of-the-art quantitative methods of discipline-based education policy analysis. En güvenilir canlı casino sitelerine ulaşabileceğiniz en iyi adres olmaktadır.

Certificate Program in Quantitative Research in Education (QRE)

We offer a Certificate Program for students interested in Quantitative Research in Education (QRE). The Certificate Program, unlike a Master’s Program, is not a degree program, but rather provides students with a certificate indicating that they have completed a set of training requirements in methods of conducting rigorous quantitative research in education. For students in degree programs outside the Graduate School of Education interested in developing expertise in education research (e.g., Sociology students interested in the Sociology of Education, or Psychology students interested in school-based interventions), the Certificate Program provides a curriculum to facilitate training and a credential signaling their expertise in quantitative education-related research. Click here to learn more about requirements

Workshops and Professional Development Activities

We offer workshops and mini-courses that provide brief, intensive introduction and training in topics not available in existing coursework on campus. These opportunities are designed to strengthen students’ knowledge of topics in educational policy and to expose them to a range of empirical research methods.