Monique Harrison

Monique Harrison

Monique Harrison is in the Sociology of Education program in SHIPS and also an IES Fellow (quantitative research fellowship). She currently studies student pathways through college as part of the Carta Research Lab, with an emphasis on gender, race and first generation college students. She is advised by Mitchell Stevens and Sean Reardon. More general research interests include equitable math practices, charter schools, and disparities in environmental access and stewardship. Before Stanford Monique was a middle school administrator, teaching coach and math/science teacher in East San Jose, CA. She earned a BS in Human Development from Cornell University and a M.Ed in School Leadership from Harvard University. She currently serves as the SAEN (Sociology And Education Network) co-chair and teaching assistant for the Undergraduate Honors Research Program.

Research Interests:
My personal experience as a first-generation college student informs my dissertation research on higher education - I study how organizational characteristics and practices, shaped by institutional and cultural arrangements (e.g., the elective curriculum system and curved grading in STEM), impact inequality in educational outcomes. My dissertation follows a cohort of undergraduates to understand how gender, race, and socio-economic status influence academic predilections and course choices. This scholarship contributes first and foremost to the study of social stratification and mobility, yet it also intersects with sub-fields including sociology, organizations, gender, and race/ethnicity.

Recent publications: 

Harrison, M.H., Hernandez, P. A. & Stevens, M. L. (R&R at Sociology of Education) Should I start at Math 101? Content Repetition as an Academic Strategy in Elective Curriculums. 

Harrison, M.H. (Forthcoming). Nuance in 'No Excuses': Unexpected Progressive Pedagogy and Policy. Education and Urban Society

Chaturapruek, S., Dalberg, T., Thompson, M. E., Giebel, S., Harrison, M. H., Johari, R., Stevens, M. L., &  Kizilcec, R. F. (2021). Studying Undergraduate Course Consideration at Scale. AERA Open[Link]  

Dissertation committee: 

Mitchell Stevens (advisor), Shelley Correll, sean reardon, anthony antonio


Ph.D. - Stanford University, Sociology and Education (June 2022) M.A. - Stanford University, Sociology (2019) M.Ed. - Harvard University, School Leadership (2011) B.S. - Cornell University, Human Development (2006)