Rachel Valentino

Current Position: 

Consultant at McKinsey & Company

Rachel Valentino completed her doctorate at Stanford's Graduate School of Education in Administration and Policy Analysis in 2015. While at Stanford she was an Institute for Education Sciences fellow working at the Center for Education Policy Analysis. Her research primarily focuses on studying the effects of early childhood education (ECE) policies and practices on a variety of child outcomes, with a particular focus on the measurement and implications of high quality instructional approaches for English learners (ELs) and racially and socioeconomically underrepresented children. Throughout her 5 years at Stanford she also worked in collaboration with San Francisco Unified School District on research designed to improve the educational opportunities of their EL students. Just prior to Stanford, she was a researcher at the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER), where she worked with state departments of education to evaluate their publicly funded pre-K programs through large-scale and longitudinal research studies. Rachel also holds a master's in Developmental Psychology from Columbia's Teachers College. Currently Rachel is a consultant at McKinsey & Company, working primarily in the social and public sector practice.