Kendra Bischoff

Current Position: 

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Cornell University

Kendra Bischoff is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. Kendra completed both a Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2012 and her Ph.D. in Sociology in 2011 at Stanford University. Her research focuses on the causes and consequences of racial and economic segregation in neighborhoods and schools, the effect of school context on student outcomes, and civic engagement among disadvantaged youth. Her dissertation examined the academic and social effects of an interdistrict desegregation program on program participants. Kendra’s primary research interests include the sociology of education, social stratification and inequality, and political sociology. While at Stanford, Kendra was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow as well as a Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellow. Prior to graduate school, Kendra worked in the Education Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She received a BA in Public Policy Analysis with an emphasis in sociology from Pomona College.