Elizabeth Huffaker

Elizabeth Huffaker

Elizabeth Huffaker (huffaker@stanford.edu) is a doctoral candidate in the Economics of Education and Education Policy at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. She is a recipient of an Institute of Education Sciences Predoctoral Training Fellowship and a Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science and Engineering.

Her research focuses on high school math policies, the implementation of curricular reform, and patterns of academic stratification in secondary education. She primarily uses quantitative methods to study research questions relevant to K-12 policy and practice. Through her work at the Center for Education Policy Analysis and the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and their Communities she has engaged in several research practice partnerships with Bay Area school districts.

While at Stanford, Elizabeth has also completed a master’s degree in Economics. Before starting her Ph.D., she earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Mathematical Economic Analysis at Rice University and a master’s degree in Education Policy at Teachers College, Columbia University. Elizabeth also spent four years as a high school math teacher in Houston, TX.

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