When inputs are outputs: The case of graduate student instructors


Eric P. Bettinger


Bridget Terry Long


Eric S. Taylor

Year of Publication: 
Economics of Education Review

We examine graduate student teaching as an input to two production processes: the education of undergraduates and the development of graduate students themselves. Using fluctuations in full-time faculty availability as an instrument, we find undergraduates are more likely to major in a subject if their first course in the subject was taught by a graduate student, a result opposite of estimates that ignore selection. Additionally, graduate students who teach more frequently graduate earlier and are more likely to subsequently be employed by a college or university.

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APA Citation

Bettinger, E.P., Long, B.T., & Taylor, E.S (2016). When inputs are outputs: The case of graduate student instructors. Economics of Education Review, 52, 63-76.

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