The role of research in educational improvement


John D. Bransford


Deborah Stipek


Nancy J. Vye


Louis M. Gomez


Diana Lam

Year of Publication: 
Cambridge MA: Harvard Education Press

Critics within and outside the field of education often point out the absence of a strong reciprocal connection between research and practice. The emergence of standards-based reform and the passage of NCLB have generated increasing pressure for evidence-based decision making at all levels. Yet there is little clarity about how research results are actually used in education, or what kinds of evidence are most useful to practitioners and policymakers. In this book, leading scholars in the field examine the available research on the use of evidence in education and provide suggestions for strengthening the research-to-practice pipeline.

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Bransford, J. Stipek, D., Vye, N., Gomez, L., & Lam, D. (2009). The role of research in educational improvement. Cambridge MA: Harvard Education Press.