Leadership Development in California


Linda Darling-Hammond


Stelios Orphanos

Year of Publication: 
Getting Down to Facts

Strong leadership development programs connect theory to practice

A 2005 review of research on successful leadership development programs showed that they emphasize content built upon a set of leadership standards
related to:

  • Learning and instruction,
  • The development of quality teaching and professional learning,
  • Organizational development,
  • Analysis and use of data to inform school improvement,
  • Change management, and
  • Leadership skills.

This content is delivered through problem-based learning methods that connect theory to specific instructional efforts at schools. Principals work with a coach or another practitioner who can guide reflection and provide feedback. They participate in groups that create opportunities for teamwork in practice-oriented situations. And there is close collaboration between the program and one or more partner school districts.

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Darling-Hammond, L., & Orphanos, S. (2007). Leadership Development in California. Getting Down to Facts.