Emotional responses to objective and normative performance feedback


Deborah Stipek

Year of Publication: 
Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology

The effect of objective and normativefeedback on emotionalresponses to tasks was assessed in kindergarten age and 2nd- and 4th-grade children. Children completed a task on which they received objective (few errors vs. many errors) and normative (superior vs. inferior to same-aged peers) feedback. After receiving the feedback they were asked to rate the intensity of their emotionalresponses (global affect, good, bad, proud, and embarrassed), and their competency on the task. Both objective and normativefeedback affected most emotionalresponses. The effect of the evaluation feedback generally did not vary as a function of the child's grade. Girls' comptency ratings were more affected by normativefeedback than boys', but boys were more embarrassed following objective failure than girls.

APA Citation

Stipek, D. (1987). Emotional responses to objective and normative performance feedback. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 8, 183-195.