Children’s use of dispositions to predict classmates' behavior


Kristin Droege


Deborah Stipek

Year of Publication: 
Developmental Psychology

Kindergartners, 3rd, and 6th graders chose classmates whom they would and would not like to have on their team for an academic contest and as playmates. Ss also rated their classmates on likableness and academic ability. At all ages, children's choices for the academic competition and the play situation were significantly associated with their ratings of their classmates' academic and social competence, respectively. Ss typically referred to academic abilities to explain their teammate choices for the academic contest and to social competence or friendship to explain playmate choices. Questions about the stability of classmates' academic and social competencies revealed that not until 6th grade did Ss indicate that there are limits in the degree to which academic and social competencies could improve with effort.

APA Citation

Droege, K., & Stipek, D. (1993). Children’s use of dispositions to predict classmates' behavior. Developmental Psychology, 29(4), 646-654.