Technological Innovations in Education

Race and gender trends in computer science in the Silicon Valley from 1980-2015

We analyze race and gender trends in the Silicon Valley technology industry from 1980 to 2015, with a focus on computer science. In the technology industry, there has been a rapid growth of Asians among professionals and, to a lesser extent, among managers, coincident with a decrease in the proportion of Whites, particularly White females. There continues to be low participation of Hispanics and Blacks, especially Black females.

The Role of Application Assistance and Information in College Decisions: Results from the H&R Block Fafsa Experiment

Growing concerns about low awareness and take-up rates for government support programs like college financial aid have spurred calls to simplify the application process and enhance visibility. This project examines the effects of two experimental treatments designed to test of the importance of simplification and information using a random assignment research design. H&R Block tax professionals helped low- to moderate-income families complete the FAFSA, the federal application for financial aid.