The Workshop on Poverty, Inequality, and Education

September 25, 2013

Poverty and inequality are powerful forces that shape our children’s educational success and attainment of the American Dream. But inequality is not inevitable, and poverty is not destiny. Understanding the role of poverty and inequality in shaping opportunity—and the potential for families, schools, and society to expand opportunity—is essential to thinking about how we can ensure that all children have an equal chance to succeed in school and to lead productive, fulfilling lives.

The Workshop on Poverty, Inequality, and Education is an initiative of the Stanford Graduate School of Education focused on building knowledge about poverty, inequality, and educational success. The initiative includes a series of events, including speakers, panel discussions, film screenings, and conferences, as well as an ongoing course (educ 157x) that is open to undergraduate and graduate students and auditors. Throughout the year, we will engage in an ongoing conversation about the issues surrounding poverty, inequality, and education.