sean reardon receives AERA Palmer O. Johnson Award

March 26, 2013
Sean Reardon
sean reardon, Professor of Education and (by courtesy) Sociology at Stanford University

sean reardon of Stanford University and Andrew Ho of Harvard University are the 2013 recipients of the Palmer O. Johnson Award for the article, Estimating Achievement Gaps From Test Scores Reported in Ordinal 'Proficiency' Categories, published in the Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics in August 2012. This award is to be given for an outstanding article appearing in an AERA-sponsored publication.

This award is in recognition of the lifelong achievement of Palmer O. Johnson as a dedicated educator, and further in recognition of his pioneer work in educational research and methodology. His former colleagues and students founded this award to be given for an outstanding article appearing in an AERA-Sponsored publication. It was first awarded in 1967 for an article appearing in the American Educational Research Journal. In 2000, the scope of articles eligible for the award was expanded to include those published in the American Educational Research Journal, the Journal for Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, and Educational Researcher.