Sade Bonilla awarded APPAM Equity and Inclusion Fellowship

September 09, 2016

The Association of Public Policy and Management (APPAM) is pleased to announce that it has recently granted 25 students with the Equity and Inclusion Fellowship. The grant allows recipients to attend the association’s annual Fall Research Conference. While at the conference, the fellowship recipients will have the opportunity to formally network with each other and with members of the Policy Council and Diversity Committee at a Fellowship Breakfast, recognizing them, their accomplishments and bright futures. They will also have many opportunities to informally network with other students and professionals during the conference. The APPAM Diversity Committee received nearly 100 applications submitted by Master's and Ph.D. students from schools around the world.

The Equity and Inclusion Fellowship was created in April 2016 by the APPAM Policy Council and Diversity Committee in an effort to encourage participation by underrepresented students in APPAM and its activities. The goal of this fellowship program is to introduce recipients to the world of public policy and APPAM, and foster a lifelong affiliation and engagement with both.

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About Sade Bonilla
Sade ( is a doctoral student studying the economics of education at Stanford University. She is interested in the use of student surveys to evaluate teacher performance in multiple measure teacher evaluation systems, in addition to the relationship between student preparation and their enrollment and persistence in higher education. Prior to starting her doctoral training, Sade was worked at Albuquerque Public Schools as a Strategic Data Project Fellow, where she designed, implemented and researched the outcomes of a multiple measures teacher evaluation pilot. She received a bachelor’s degree in Education Studies and Public Policy as well as a master’s in Urban Education Policy from Brown University.