Hillary Clinton Answers 10 Questions on Early Education

September 06, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been focused on the issue of early-childhood education since she was in law school, 40 years ago. Were she to become president, she’d be the first in the history of the office to come in with the protection and education of young children as her signature issue.

To learn more about exactly how she hopes to change what the U.S. invests in young children, we contacted her campaign for an interview. While that wasn’t to be, the campaign did agree to answer our questions by email. Below, please find our questions and Clinton’s answers, exclusive to The Hechinger Report and its partner publications, including The Atlantic.

In the name of transparency, we haven’t edited the conversation at all. In a few cases, Clinton’s answers are not as direct as one might hope. Still, Clinton’s expertise on the issue is undeniable and we have highlighted several of her key statements in pull quotes throughout the piece. We have also fact-checked her statements and linked to relevant articles or research throughout. Finally, though Donald Trump does not have equivalent experience on early education, he has made affordable child care one of the talking points of his campaign in recent weeks. We reached out to Trump’s campaign several times asking for his thoughts on these issues and received no response.