Race and Stratification in College Enrollment over Time


Rachel Baker


Daniel Klasik


Sean F. Reardon

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In this study we examine trends in segregation by race and ethnicity in higher education from 1985 to 2013. We have three key findings. Over the past 30 years, students from different groups have attended college at increasingly similar rates; gaps are decreasing. But these decreases have been driven largely by large increases in minority student enrollment at non-degree granting and two-year colleges. Once we condition on attendance at a degree granting school, we see increasing gaps over time. Finally, among only four-year colleges, attendance has been tilted in favor of White students and been relatively unchanged for nearly 30 years. The only exception to this has been for the very few minority students who are able to enroll at the most selective institutions.

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APA Citation

Baker, R., Klasik, D., & Reardon, S.F. (2016). Race and Stratification in College Enrollment over Time.