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Imeh Williams

Imeh Williams
Imeh Williams
Imeh Williams

Imeh Williams ( is a doctoral candidate in Education Administration and Policy Analysis at Stanford University. He uses quasi-experimental methodology to study principal and teacher labor markets. In particular, his research explores the effect of accountability sanctions on principal turnover and compensation and the role race in the recruitment and selection of principals. Before his doctoral studies, Imeh worked for six years as a research associate in Washington, DC, where he managed and supported studies of youth development programs, and school reform centered on improving instructional practices. He received his BA in Computer Science from Brown University in 2001.

Faculty Advisors: Susanna Loeb, Sean Reardon, Eric Bettinger

Name: Imeh Williams

Research Interests: Principal and teacher labor markets, Accountability, Same-race effects on student and teacher performance

Area of Study: Administration and Policy Analysis

  • BA: Brown University 2001, Computer Science

Home region: Washington, DC

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