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District Court Order Data

March, 2012
Principal Investigator/s: 
Sean Reardon
Demetra Kalogrides at

Note: If your software is not compatible with the versions listed, we suggest either using the excel version and importing it into your software program or using a data transfer program.

Data description: 

These data catalogue all medium to large-sized school districts ever under a court ordered desegregation plan. They include districts' dismissal status and, if released, the year of dismissal. Information on date of release was last updated in August 2010. We did not make full attempts to gather data on small districts (fewer than 2000 students), districts that desegregated voluntarily, and districts required to desegregate by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW). Users may want to consider eliminating such districts from their analysis.

Suggested citation: 
Reardon, S.F., Grewal, E., Kalogrides, D., & Greenberg, E. (2012). Brown fades: The end of court-ordered school desegregation and the resegregation of American public schools. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 31(4), 876-904.