Assessing the college contribution to civic engagement


Thomas Dee

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In M.S. McPherson & M.O. Schapiro (Eds.)
College Board, New York

About two out of three high-school graduates currently enroll at one of America's 4,000 colleges or universities within a year of graduation. But even though college enrollment has increased over the past few decades, college completion rates have fallen. How do so many talented and promising students get derailed along the way? This book examines the financial and social roadblocks as well as the level of college-prep readiness that can affect learning and ultimately graduation rates. In light of the staggering differences that characterize American higher education and a student body with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, Succeeding in College provides a guide to promoting truly effective teaching and redefining success in a way that makes sense in today's heterogeneous world.

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Dee, T. (2008). Assessing the college contribution to civic engagement. In M.S. McPherson & M.O. Schapiro (Eds.), . College Board, New York.