QRE Certificate Request

If you have completed all Certificate Program in Quantitative Research in Education (QRE) requirements and have received a grade of B or higher in all the classes, fill out this form and upload your unofficial transcript so we can prepare your certificate.

A. Education Policy, Institutions, or Practices

2 courses in Education Policy, Institutions, or Practices [6+ credits total]. A list of possible courses includes (but is not limited to):
EDUC 271: Education Policy in the US
EDUC 220B: Introduction to the Politics of Education
EDUC 220D: History of School Reform: Origins, Policies, Outcomes, and Explanations
EDUC 306A: Economics of Education in the Global Economy
EDUC 347: The Economics of Higher Education

B. EDUC 430 Series (formerly EDUC 255)

3 courses in the EDUC 430 Series [9+ credits total]




C. EDUC 339: Advanced Topics in Quantitative Policy Analysis

3 quarters of EDUC 339 (completion of one presentation of original research project in one of the quarters) [3+ credits total]

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Presentation quarter

D. Education Psychometrics

1 course in Education Psychometrics [3+ credits total]. Possible courses include:
EDUC 252: Introduction to Test Theory
EDUC 353A: Problems in Measurement: Item Response Theory
EDUC 353C: Problems in Measurement: Generalizability Theory

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