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School Quality/Resources

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Working Papers

Trends in School Economic Segregation, 1970 to 2010. Ann Owens, Sean F. Reardon, Christopher Jencks. 2014.

Journal Articles

The effects of NCLB on school resources and practices. Thomas Dee, Brian A. Jacob, Nathaniel Schwartz. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 35(2), pp. 252-279. 2013.
Effective schools: Teacher hiring, assignment, development, and retention. Susanna Loeb, Tara Beteille, Demetra Kalogrides. Education Finance and Policy, 7(3), pp. 269–304. 2012.
The Non-cognitive Returns to Class Size. Thomas Dee, Martin R. West. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 33(1), pp. 23-46. 2011.
Principal’s time use and school effectiveness. Susanna Loeb, Eileen Horng, Daniel Klasik. American Journal of Education, 116(4), pp. 491-523. 2010.
Assumptions of value‐added models for estimating school effects. Sean F. Reardon, Stephen W. Raudenbush. Education Finance and Policy, 4(4), pp. 492-519. 2009.
School size in Chicago elementary schools: Effects on teachers’ attitudes and students’ achievement. Valerie E. Lee, Susanna Loeb. American Education Research Journal, 37(1), pp. 3-31. 2000.
Competition and the quality of public schools. Thomas Dee. Economics of Education Review, 17(4), pp. 419-427. 1998.


SFUSD Survey Report II: Teacher Hiring. Center for Education Policy Analysis. Center for Education Policy Analysis, Stanford University, 2013.
SFUSD Survey Report III: Career Pathways for Principals and Assistant Principals. Center for Education Policy Analysis. Center for Education Policy Analysis, Stanford University, 2013.
Turning around chronically low-performing schools: A practice guide. Rebecca Herman, Priscilla Dawson, Thomas Dee, Jay Greene, Rebecca Maynard, Sam Redding, Marlene Darwin. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, NCEE #2008-4020, 2008.
The effects of school size on parental involvement and social capital: Evidence from the ELS: 2002. Thomas Dee, Wei Ha, Brian A. Jacob. Brookings Papers on Education Policy 2006/2007, Brookings Institution Press, pp. 77-97. 2007.

Books: Books, Chapters, Reviews

The challenges of measuring school quality: Implications for educational equity. Helen Ladd, Susanna Loeb. In D. Allen, & R. Reich (Eds), Education, Justice, and Democracy, Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, pp. 22-55. 2013.
Research on early childhood and elementary school programs. J. Stallings, Deborah Stipek. In M. Wittrock (Ed.), Handbook of research on teaching - 3rd ed, American Educational Research Association, pp. 727-753. 1986.
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