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School Finance

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Working Papers

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Education reforms. Patrick McEwan, Susanna Loeb. In P. Levine & D. Zimmerman (Eds.), Targeting Investments in Children: Fighting Poverty When Resources are Limited. National Bureau of Economic Research, pp. 145-180. 2010.
Getting beyond the rhetoric: Surveying the evidence of Vouchers and Tax Credits. Ron Zimmer, Eric P. Bettinger. In H. Ladd & E. Fiske (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Education Finance and Policy, New York, NY: RoutledgeFalmer, pp. 447-466. 2007.
School finance reform in Michigan: Evaluating Proposal A. Susanna Loeb, Julie Berry Cullen. In J. Yinger & W. Duncombe (Eds.), Helping Children Left Behind: State Aid and the Pursuit of Educational Equity, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, pp. 215-250. 2004.
Comments on, "Public school finance and urban school policy: General versus partial equilibrium analysis". Susanna Loeb. In W. G. Gale & J. R. Pack (Eds.), Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs, pp. 176-180. 2003.
K-12 education in Michigan. Julie Berry Cullen, Susanna Loeb. In C. Ballard, P. N. Courant, D. C. Drake, R. Fischer & E. R. Gerber (Eds.), Michigan at the Millennium: A Benchmark and Analysis of its Fiscal and Economic Structure, 2003.
Where does new money go? Evidence from litigation and a lottery. Thomas Dee. In W. Fowler (Ed), Developments in School Finance, 1999-2000, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education, 2002.
Local revenue options for K-12 education. Susanna Loeb. In J. Sonstelie & P. Richardson (Eds.), School Finance and California's Master Plan for Education, pp. 125-154. 2001.
The property tax and education finance: Commentary. Susanna Loeb. In W. E. Oates (Ed.), Property Taxation and Local Government Finance: Essays in Honor of C. Lowell Harriss, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy: Cambridge MA, pp. 236-241. 2001.
How teachers' choices affect what a dollar can buy: Wages and quality in K-12 schooling. Susanna Loeb. The Teacher Workforce: Symposium Proceedings from the Education Finance Research Consortium, 2001.


The development of a teacher salary parcel tax: The quality teacher and education act in San Francisco. Susanna Loeb, Heather J. Hough. Policy Analysis for California Education, 2009.
Funding student learning: How to align education resources with student learning goals. Susanna Loeb. School Finance Redesign Project, Center on Reinventing Public Education: University of Washington, 2008.
District dollars: Painting a picture of revenues and expenditures in California’s school districts. Susanna Loeb, Jason Grissom, Katharine O. Strunk. Getting Down to Facts Project: Stanford University, 2007.
Efficiency and Adequacy in California School Finance: A Professional Judgment Approach. Jay Chambers, Jesse Levin, Danielle DeLancey. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Financing K-12 Education in California: A System Overview. Thomas Timar. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Considering Special Education Adequacy in California. Jenifer J. Harr, Tom Parrish, Jay Chambers, Jesse Levin, Maria Segarra. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
The Evolution of California’s State School Finance System and Implications from Other States. Michael Kirst, Margaret Goertz, Allan Odden. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Resource Needs for California’s English Learners. Patricia Gándara, Russell W. Rumberger. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Understanding the Incentives in California’s Education Finance System. William Duncombe, John Yinger. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Financing School Facilities in California. Eric J. Brunner. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Evaluating the "Crazy Quilt": Educational Governance in California. Dominic Brewer, Joanna Smith. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Leadership Development in California. Linda Darling-Hammond, Stelios Orphanos. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Successful California Schools in the Context of Educational Adequacy. María Pérez, Tom Parrish, Priyanka Anand, Cecilia Speroni, Phil Esra, Miguel Socias, Paul Gubbins. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Charter Schools in California: A Review of their Autonomy and Resources Allocation Practices. María Pérez, Priyanka Anand, Cecilia Speroni, Tom Parrish, Phil Esra, Miguel Socías, Paul Gubbins. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
School District Financial Management: Personnel Policies, and Practices. Mary Perry, Isabel Oregón, Trish Williams, Robert Miyashiro, Ron Bennett, Janelle Kubinec, Laurel Groff, Philip Wong, Ron Bennett. Getting Down to Facts, 2007.
Federal financial support for adequacy and equity in school finance. Susanna Loeb, Michael Dannenberg. Prepared for the Rethinking Rodriguez Conference, University of California, Berkeley, 2006.
Dollars and sense. Thomas Dee, Benjamin J. Keys. Education Next, 5(1), pp. 60-67. 2005.
Teacher compensation. Susanna Loeb. TIAA-CREF Investment Forum, 2002.

Journal Articles

Getting Down to Facts: School Finance and Governance in California. Susanna Loeb, Anthony Bryk, Eric Hanushek. Education Finance and Policy, 3(1), pp. 1-19. 2008.
The state role in teacher compensation. Susanna Loeb, Luke Miller, Katharine O. Strunk. Education Finance and Policy, 4(1), pp. 89-114. 2009.
What do cost functions tell us about the cost of an adequate education? Robert Costrell, Eric A. Hanushek, Susanna Loeb. Peabody Journal of Education, 83(2), pp. 198-223. 2008.
Expense preference and student achievement in school districts. Thomas Dee. Eastern Economic Journal, 31(1), pp. 23-44. 2005.
The Fate of New Funding: Evidence from Massachusetts' Education Finance Reforms. Thomas Dee, Jeffrey Levine. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 26(3), pp. 199-215. 2004.
Does merit pay reward good teachers? Evidence from a randomized experiment. Thomas Dee, Benjamin Keys. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 23(3), pp. 471-488. 2004.
Lotteries, litigation and education finance. Thomas Dee. Southern Economic Journal, 70(3), pp. 584-599. 2004.
Estimating the effects of school finance reform: A framework for a federalist system. Susanna Loeb. Journal of Public Economics, 80(2), pp. 225-247. 2001.
The capitalization of education finance reforms. Thomas Dee. Journal of Law and Economics, 43(1), pp. 185-214. 2000.
Centralization of school finance in Michigan. Paul N. Courant, Susanna Loeb. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 16(1), pp. 114-136. 1997.
The effect of measured school inputs on academic achievement: Evidence from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s birth cohorts. Susanna Loeb, John Bound. Review of Economics and Statistics, 78(4), pp. 653-664. 1996.
Michigan’s recent school finance reforms: A preliminary report. Susanna Loeb, Paul N. Courant, Edward Gramlich. American Economic Review, 85(2), pp. 372-377. 1995.
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