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Methodology, Measurement

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Journal Articles

Practical Issues in Estimating Achievement Gaps from Coarsened Data. Sean F. Reardon, Andrew D. Ho. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, Forthcoming.
Bias and bias correction in multi-site instrumental variables analysis of heterogeneous mediator effects. Sean F. Reardon, Fatih Unlu, Pei Zhu, Howard Bloom. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 39(1), pp. 53-86. 2014.
Under what assumptions do Site-by-Treatment instruments identify average causal effects? Sean F. Reardon, Stephen W. Raudenbush. Sociological Methods and Research, 42(2), pp. 143-163. 2013.
Estimating achievement gaps from test scores reported in ordinal 'Proficiency' categories. Andrew D. Ho, Sean F. Reardon. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 37(4), pp. 489-517. 2012.
Measuring the strength of teachers' unions: An empirical application of the partial independence item response approach. Katharine O. Strunk, Sean F. Reardon. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 35(6), pp. 629-670. 2010.
Assumptions of value‐added models for estimating school effects. Sean F. Reardon, Stephen W. Raudenbush. Education Finance and Policy, 4(4), pp. 492-519. 2009.
Measures of ordinal segregation. Sean F. Reardon. Research on Economic Inequality, 17, pp. 129‐155. 2009.
Beyond the census tract: Patterns and determinants of racial residential segregation at multiple scales. Barrett A. Lee, Sean F. Reardon, Glenn Firebaugh, Chad R. Farrel, Stephen A. Matthews, David O’Sullivand. American Sociological Review, 73(5), pp. 766‐791. 2008.
The geographic scale of metropolitan racial segregation. Sean F. Reardon, Stephen A. Matthews, David O’Sullivand, Barrett A. Lee, Glenn Firebaugh, Chad R. Farrell, Kendra Bischoff. Demography, 45(3), pp. 489‐514. 2008.
Using experimental economics to measure the effects of a natural educational experiment on Altruism. Eric P. Bettinger, Robert Slonim. Journal of Public Economics, 90(8-9), pp. 1625-1648. 2006.
Retail tobacco outlet density and youth smoking: A propensity modeling approach. Scott P. Novak, Sean F. Reardon, Stephen W. Raudenbush, Stephen L. Buka. American Journal of Public Health, 2006.
The early childhood classroom observation measure. Deborah Stipek, Patricia Byler. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 19(3), pp. 375-397. 2004.
The contribution of administrative and experimental data to education policy research. Susanna Loeb, Katharine O. Strunk. National Tax Journal, 56(2), pp. 415-438. 2003.
Data watch: Research data in the economics of education. Thomas Dee, William N. Evans. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 13(3), pp. 205-216. 1999.
OPTI: A measure of children's optimism. Deborah Stipek, Michael Lamb, Edward Zigler. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 41, pp. 131-143. 1981.

Working Papers

Books: Books, Chapters, Reviews

Instrumental variables. Eric P. Bettinger. In B. McGaw, P. Peterson & E. Baker (Eds.), International Encyclopedia of Education, 8-Volume Set, 3rd Edition, Elsevier, Elsevier Press, pp. 223-228. 2010.
The role of research in educational improvement. John D. Bransford, Deborah Stipek, Nancy J. Vye, Louis M. Gomez, Diana Lam. Cambridge MA: Harvard Education Press, 2009.
An economic approach to education policy implementation. Susanna Loeb, Patrick McEwan. In M. Honig (Ed.), Defining the Field of Education Policy Implementation, State University of New York Press, 2006.
A conceptual framework for measuring segregation and its association with population outcomes. Sean F. Reardon. In J. Michael Oakes & Jay S. Kaufman (Eds.), Methods in Social Epidemiology, pp. 169‐192. 2006.
Evaluating educational interventions in developing countries. Eric P. Bettinger. In J. E. Cohen, D. E. Bloom & M. B. Malin (Eds.), Educating All Children: A Global Agenda, MIT Press, pp. 355-386. 2006.
Coding geographic areas across census years: Creating consistent definitions of metropolitan areas. David A. Jaeger, Susanna Loeb, Sarah E. Turner, John Bound. NBER Working Paper No. 6772, 1997.
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