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College Access and Success

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Journal Articles

Do college instructors matter? The effects of adjuncts on students' interests and success. Eric P. Bettinger, Bridget Long. Review of Economics and Statistics, Forthcoming.
The Effects of Student Coaching An Evaluation of a Randomized Experiment in Student Advising. Eric P. Bettinger, Rachel Baker. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 36(1), pp. 3-19. 2014.
Stereotype threat and the student-athlete. Thomas Dee. Economic Inquiry, 52(1), pp. 173-182. 2014.
Rational ignorance in education: A field experiment in student plagiarism. Thomas Dee, Brian A. Jacob. Journal of Human Resources, 47(2), pp. 397-434. 2012.
Effects of failing a high school Exit Exam on course‐taking, achievement, persistence, and graduation. Sean F. Reardon, Nicole Arshan, Allison Atteberry, Michal Kurlaender. Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 32(4), pp. 498-520. 2010.
Addressing the needs of under-prepared students in Higher Education: Does college remediation work? Eric P. Bettinger, Bridget Long. Journal of Human Resources, 44(3), pp. 736-771. 2009.
Do faculty serve as role models? The impact of instructor gender on female students. Eric P. Bettinger, Bridget Long. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 95(2), pp. 152-157. 2005.
Remediation at the Community College: Student participation and outcomes. Eric P. Bettinger, Bridget Long. New Directions for Community Colleges, Number 129, pp. 17-26. 2005.
Teen drinking and educational attainment: Evidence from Two-Sample Instrumental Variables (TSIV) estimates. Thomas Dee, William N. Evans. Journal of Labor Economics, 21(1), pp. 178-209. 2003.
Who loses HOPE? Attrition from Georgia's College Scholarship Program. Thomas Dee, Linda Jackson. Southern Economic Journal, 66(2), pp. 379-390. 1999.

Working Papers

Simulation Models of the Effects of Race- and Socioeconomic-Based Affirmative Action Policies. Sean F. Reardon, Rachel Baker, Matt Kasman, Daniel Klasik, Joseph B. Townsend. 2015.
The role of simplification and information in college decisions: Results from the H&R Block FAFSA experiment. Eric P. Bettinger, Bridget Terry Long, Philip Oreopoulos, Lisa Sanbonmatsu. NBER Working Paper No. 15361, 2012.

Books: Books, Chapters, Reviews

College Admission Testing in America. Brent Evans. In Stead, V. (Ed.), International Perspectives in Higher Education Admission Policy: A reader, New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2015.
Remaking College: The Changing Ecology of Higher Education. Michael W. Kirst, Mitchell L. Stevens. Stanford University Press, 336 pages. 2015.
Rethinking Undergraduate Business Education: Liberal Learning for the Profession. Anne Colby, Thomas Ehrlich, William M. Sullivan, Jonathan R. Dolle, Foreword by Lee S. Shulman. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, 2011.
To be or not to be: Major choices in budding scientists. Eric P. Bettinger. In C. Clotfelter (Ed.), American Universities in a Global Market, University of Chicago Press, pp. 69-98. 2010.
Assessing the college contribution to civic engagement. Thomas Dee. In M.S. McPherson & M.O. Schapiro (Eds.), Succeeding in College: What It Means and How to Make it Happen, College Board, New York, 2008.
The increasing use of Adjunct Instructors at public institutions: Are we hurting students? Eric P. Bettinger, Bridget Long. In R.Ehrenberg (Ed.), Assessing Public Higher Education at the Start of the 21st Century, 2006.
Buying Ohioans loyalty? How state financial aid affects brain drain. Eric P. Bettinger, Erin Riley. In S. Shane (Ed.), Creating Enterprise: University-Government Partnerships to Promote Entrepreneurship, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2005.
Is the finish line in sight? Financial Aid's impact on retention and graduation. Eric P. Bettinger. In C. M. Hoxby (Ed.), College Choices: The Economics of Where to Go, When to Go, and How to Pay For It, Chicago University Press and NBER, 2004.
From high school to college: Improving opportunities for success in postsecondary education. Michael W. Kirst, Andrea Venezia. Jossey-Bass, An Imprint of Wiley, pp. 448. 2004.
Comment on "Peer Effects in Higher Education" by G. Winston and D. Zimmermann. Thomas Dee. In C. Hoxby (Ed), College Decisions: How Students Make Them and How They Could, University of Chicago Press, pp. 421-423. 2004.
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