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Books: Books, Chapters, Reviews

College Admission Testing in America. Brent Evans. In Stead, V. (Ed.), International Perspectives in Higher Education Admission Policy: A reader, New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 2015.
Education reforms. Patrick McEwan, Susanna Loeb. In P. Levine & D. Zimmerman (Eds.), Targeting Investments in Children: Fighting Poverty When Resources are Limited. National Bureau of Economic Research, pp. 145-180. 2010.
Getting beyond the rhetoric: Surveying the evidence of Vouchers and Tax Credits. Ron Zimmer, Eric P. Bettinger. In H. Ladd & E. Fiske (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Education Finance and Policy, New York, NY: RoutledgeFalmer, pp. 447-466. 2007.
The effects of educational vouchers on student over-confidence. Eric P. Bettinger, Robert Slonim. In G. Harrison (Ed.), Field Experiments in Economics, Elsevier Press, 2005.
Patterns of multiracial private school segregation. John T. Yun, Sean F. Reardon. In J. Scott (Ed.), School Choice and Student Diversity: What the Evidence Says, New York, NY: Teachers College Press , 2005.
Private school racial enrollments and segregation. Sean F. Reardon, John T. Yun. In R. D. Kahlenberg (Ed.), Public School Choice vs. Private School Vouchers, New York: Century Foundation Press, 2003.

Working Papers

Agent-based Simulation Models of the College Sorting Process. Sean F. Reardon, Matt Kasman, Daniel Klasik, Rachel Baker. 2014.
School turnarounds: Evidence from the 2009 stimulus. Thomas Dee. NBER Working Paper No. 17990, 2012.

Journal Articles

Increasing choice in the market for schools: Recent reforms and their effects on student achievement. Susanna Loeb, Jon Valant, Matthew Kasman. National Tax Journal, 64(1), pp. 141-164. 2011.
How do vouchers work? Evidence from Colombia. Eric P. Bettinger, Michael Kremer, Juan Saavedra. Economic Journal, 2010.
Long-term educational consequences of secondary school vouchers: Evidence from administrative records in Colombia. Joshua Angrist, Eric P. Bettinger, Michael Kremer. American Economic Review, 96(3), pp. 847-862. 2006.
The effects of Catholic schooling on civic participation. Thomas Dee. International Tax and Public Finance, 12(5), pp. 605-625. 2005.
The effect of charter schools on charter students and public schools. Eric P. Bettinger. Economics of Education Review, 24(2), pp. 133-147. 2005.
Do charter schools skim students or drain resources? Thomas Dee, Helen Fu. Economics of Education Review, 23(3), pp. 259-271. 2004.
Vouchers for private schooling in Colombia: Evidence from a randomized natural experiment. Joshua Angrist, Eric P. Bettinger, Erik Bloom, Elizabeth King, Michael Kremer. American Economic Review, 92(5), pp. 1535-1558. 2002.
Open enrollment and property values: Who really benefits? Eric P. Bettinger, William T. Bogart. National Tax Association Conference Proceedings, pp. 2001: 273-278. 2001.
Competition and the quality of public schools. Thomas Dee. Economics of Education Review, 17(4), pp. 419-427. 1998.
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