Jim Soland

Current Position: 

Research Scientist at NWEA

Jim Soland

Jim was a doctoral student in Developmental and Psychological Sciences. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Haverford College and Master’s degree in Education from Stanford. Between 2008 and 2011, Jim served as a Senior Fiscal and Policy Analyst at the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) in Sacramento, where he evaluated state and federal projects related to K-12 assessment, standards (including Common Core implementation), and district improvement. Prior to joining the LAO, Jim held several policy positions and taught at KIPP San Francisco Bay Academy and the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Jim’s doctoral work focuses on quantitative program evaluation, assessment, and district data use, especially related to early warning systems.

Is a Good Teacher a Good Teacher for All? Comparing Value-Added of Teachers with Their English Learners and Non-English LearnersSusanna Loeb, James Soland, Lindsay FoxEducation Evaluation and Policy Analysis36(4)457-4752014.

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