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Daniel Klasik

Daniel Klasik
Daniel was a doctoral candidate in the Education Policy program at Stanford University. He graduated from Williams College in 2003 with a BA in Psychology and Mathematics and earned a MA in Economics from Stanford in 2010. Prior to his time at Stanford, Daniel worked as both an admissions officer at Vassar College and as a Research Assistant in the Education Policy Center of the Urban Institute. At Stanford, Daniel has conducted research on how students make choices about whether and where to attend college and what policies might work to improve these choices. This work has been guided by his dissertation committee, which includes Susanna Loeb, Sean Reardon, and Eric Bettinger. In his dissertation Daniel examines how the structure and complexity of the college application process shape both students’ decisions about where to enroll in college and their persistence after matriculation.

Recent Publications

Race, income, and enrollment patterns in highly selective colleges, 1982-2004 . Sean F. Reardon, Rachel Baker, Daniel Klasik. 2012.
Three Ideas for Broad-Access Higher Education . Mitchell L. Stevens, Kristopher Proctor, Daniel Klasik, Rachel Baker. A report on the conference, “Mapping Broad-Access Higher Education”, Stanford University, 1-2 December 2011, 2011.
Principal’s time use and school effectiveness . Susanna Loeb, Eileen Horng, Daniel Klasik. American Journal of Education, 116(4), pp. 491-523. 2010.