Training Program Details:

Program Requirements: Students in the training program must complete a set of coursework requirements (or their equivalents, with approval from one of the Program Directors) in education policy, a social science discipline, and quantitative methods (see below). Students may substitute equivalent methods courses for the methodology elective requirements or for one or more of the required methods courses. Because the Training Program is not a separate degree program, all courses taken as part of the training program may also be counted toward a student’s PhD program.

Note: You must receive a grade of B or higher in Education Policy in the U.S. (Educ 271), Methods of Applied Education Policy Research (EDUC 430A/B/C) (formerly EDUC 255), and Educational Psychometrics and Measurement (EDUC 252) to remain eligible for IES funding.

Summary of Training Program Coursework Requirements

  4-year fellowships 2-year fellowships
Coursework Year Taken Credits Year Taken Credits
Courses in Education Policy        
Education Policy in the U.S. (Educ 271) Year 1 5 Year 2 3
Electives in Education Policy Year 1-2 10 Year 2-3 3
Total   15   6
Courses in a Social Science Discipline        
Sufficient to Fulfill Minor/M.A. Requirements Year 1-3 20-45 n/a* n/a*
Methodological Courses        
Methods of Applied Education Policy Research (EDUC 430A/B/C) (formerly EDUC 255) Year 2 15 Year 2 9
Workshop in Quantitative Education Policy Analysis (EDUC 339)** Year 1-5 10 Year 2-4 0-6***
Educational Psychometrics and Measurement (EDUC 252)**** Year 1 or 2 3 Year 2 or 3 3
Option 1: Introduction to Test Theory – Lab (EDUC 252L) Year 1 or 2 2    
Option 2: Workshop on Instrument Development for Assessment, Research or Evaluation Purposes I (EDUC 242) Year 1 or 2 3    
Electives Year 1-3 9-10 n/a 0
Total   40   15
Education Research Practicum        
Practicum in Education Research Partnerships Year 3 or 4 5 n/a 0-6***
*PhD students receiving 2-year fellowships will either receive the equivalent of an MA in their own discipline (if they are PhD students in a social science disciplinary department) or will receive a Minor in a discipline (as per the standard GSE PhD requirement).
**EDUC 339 can be taken for credit instead of letter grade.
***PhD students receiving 2-year fellowships take 6 credits total of either the Workshop and/or the Practicum.
****Students must either take Option 1: EDUC 252 (3 credits) and EDUC 252L (2 credits) for a total or 5 credits or Option 2: EDUC 252 (3 credits) and EDUC 242 (3 credits) for a total of 6 credits.

In addition, students in the training program are expected to fulfill the following additional requirements: i) a research apprenticeship(s) for three years (2 Years for 2-year Fellows and non-GSE students) with one or more of the Core Faculty members of the training program; ii) participation in an annual Summer Workshop or mini-conference run by the Program; iii) participation in a weekly Education Policy Research Seminar.