Unpacking Teacher Professional Development

Prashant Loyalka, Anna Popova, Guirong Li, Chengfang Liu, Henry Shi
Year of Publication: 

Despite massive investments in teacher professional development (PD) programs in developing countries, there is little evidence on their effectiveness. We present the results of a large-scale, randomized evaluation of a high-profile PD program in China, in which teachers were randomized to receive PD; PD plus follow-up; PD plus evaluation of their command of the PD content; or no PD. Precise estimates indicate that PD and associated interventions failed to improve teacher and student outcomes. A detailed analysis of the causal chain shows teachers find PD content to be overly theoretical, and PD delivery too rote and passive, to be useful.

APA Citation

Loyalka, P., Popova, A., Li, G.R., Liu, C.F., Shi, H. (2017). Unpacking Teacher Professional Development.